What a CM can learn from a Game Master

is the title Jan Steurs gave the linkedin discussion about some thoughts of him.

Read that! After that come back and continue reading here 😉

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#1reasonwhy genetics and gaming

Okay so today I had a discussion with an acquaintance of mine. He wondered what that “Games are pink” could possibly mean, I tried to explain to him that it is a metaphor, he didn’t got it so far but we’re working on that.

Random sidenote, I asked my boyfriend to explain me that metaphor, I never talked to him about it and he was the first male to grab. He figured it out without any problems: “I guess it means, that games are thoroughly attractive for women as well.” Thanks, I love the right man (it’s not that this metaphor is really hard to understand, but still).

During that discussion it turned out that he is of the opinion that women are genetically predisposed to never be good gamers.

I was like “WTF?”, but he meant it. For real. I still can’t really believe that.

Let me try to get his opinion right without prejudices. I’ll (roughly) translate what he wrote…

I don’t think that beating men in online games is a motivation for women to play, because in consequence of evolution you don’t even have the required spatial sense. Due to genetics women miss the 3D imagination one needs to play most of the competetive online games.

And women know that.

They are taught about that in school already.

Okay when reading that I’m like “FFS in which century do you live, boy?” So…

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Was Stellenangebote beschreiben – und was Jobsucher verstehen

@karrierebibel hat diesen hübschen Spiegelartikel lobend bezwitschert:  Was Bewerber schreiben – und was Personaler verstehen.

Jochen Mai, der für karrierebibel twittert (übrigens in der Regel sehr lesenswert) schrieb auf meine Nachfrage was an dem Artikel so begeistert habe:

Humorvoll. Pointiert. Originell. Übersichtlich. Inspirierend. Fokussiert. Hilfreich. Appelliert an die Intelligenz des Lesers

Ich find die 140 Twitter Zeichen für eine sinnvolle Auseinandersetzung damit ‘n bisserle kurz, aber ich bin halt auch sprach-affin.

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