#1reasonwhy genetics and gaming

Okay so today I had a discussion with an acquaintance of mine. He wondered what that “Games are pink” could possibly mean, I tried to explain to him that it is a metaphor, he didn’t got it so far but we’re working on that.

Random sidenote, I asked my boyfriend to explain me that metaphor, I never talked to him about it and he was the first male to grab. He figured it out without any problems: “I guess it means, that games are thoroughly attractive for women as well.” Thanks, I love the right man (it’s not that this metaphor is really hard to understand, but still).

During that discussion it turned out that he is of the opinion that women are genetically predisposed to never be good gamers.

I was like “WTF?”, but he meant it. For real. I still can’t really believe that.

Let me try to get his opinion right without prejudices. I’ll (roughly) translate what he wrote…

I don’t think that beating men in online games is a motivation for women to play, because in consequence of evolution you don’t even have the required spatial sense. Due to genetics women miss the 3D imagination one needs to play most of the competetive online games.

And women know that.

They are taught about that in school already.

Okay when reading that I’m like “FFS in which century do you live, boy?” So…

(See more on Know Your Meme)

I told him that his opinion is sexist bullshit, what is not exactly a valid argument, so I tried to grab him by his last sentence. He got aggressive quickly, referring to an older chat when I denied to challenge him 1on1 in League of Legends on the Midlane (I called him a bad LoL Player, he still isn’t over it). As I’m kind of impulsive in such matters I told him that I wouldn’t play chess with my little brother as well – because there is no challenge when one person can’t play the game.

Now that I have had a few moments of silence I like to pick up where I started with arguments and continue with arguments. Not because he’s worth it, but because all gamer girls are.

Women are already taught in school that they’re unable to develop the same amount of spatial sense than men.

That is exactly the point. We’re not unable to do that, we’re being taught! As a girl you’ll learn

  • that women drive less good, because they lack the proper vision
  • that games like soccer, basketball, etc. are for men, because women can’t imagine the development of the game as good as men can
  • that computers are something, girls can learn to use but will never understand
  • … guess every woman will remember her own version of that

Yes, men and women are different. Not hard to see, we have boobs, men don’t (moobs don’t count), you have things between your legs that are always 3-5 centimeters tinier than you describe, etc..

I don’t even doubt that our brains function different (not to be polemic I skip writing that ours work, your’s only on special occasions. Oh I just wrote it… well fuck it.)

What I doubt is that women are unable to achieve the same level like men of tactical understanding, hand and eye coordination, fast decision making,.. that you need to become good in competetive games.

We may need different training, but we’re not unable.

It is not a disablement to be a woman.

We now learn that what you taught us is not what we are but what you want us to be. It may take some time, though there are already the first progamer girls.

I guess Pratchett would call that lies-for-(wo)men. It’s like lies-for-children, just that you’re not getting presented the improved version of the lie at the next step of eduction, you have to figure it out for yourself.


What's your opinon on this?

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