Über neue (und alte) Spiele

Nach einem wunderbaren Gespräch mit @treimannch bin ich natürlich am Nachdenken über das Besprochene.

Wohin wollen wir gehen mit den Games, wohin sollten wir gehen?

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On Being Gay In Online Games

In my LoL Team we’ve a gay player. It’s not important to any of us that he is gay but it is funny!

And here is why: LoL Players tend to burst out things like “You’re so fucking gay” or “fag” or “homo!” if they face a strong enemy or even during preparation for battle.

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My Perfect Day at Work

As I’m currently looking for a new job (Want to know if I’m fitting for any postions you have open? Check my about.me page!), I’m thinking a lot about what my perfect normal work day would look like.

Actually that is what I want to know if I see an open position “What would my day look like?”. A crazy amount of companies is looking for the “all in one” employee with 10 years of experience, at least two years in other countries, a Master or Bachelor degree in economics and/or computer science, preferable under the age of 30, native language + english fluent, french, spanish and chinese would be an advantage,… the list goes on. This person will not be found.

I’d rather read what you imagine my work should look like in your company!

So here is how I imagine “my perfect normal day at work”.

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