My Perfect Day at Work

As I’m currently looking for a new job (Want to know if I’m fitting for any postions you have open? Check my page!), I’m thinking a lot about what my perfect normal work day would look like.

Actually that is what I want to know if I see an open position “What would my day look like?”. A crazy amount of companies is looking for the “all in one” employee with 10 years of experience, at least two years in other countries, a Master or Bachelor degree in economics and/or computer science, preferable under the age of 30, native language + english fluent, french, spanish and chinese would be an advantage,… the list goes on. This person will not be found.

I’d rather read what you imagine my work should look like in your company!

So here is how I imagine “my perfect normal day at work”.

Most important: some things run next to all other things, this includes monitoring social media channels / community reactions on one (part of a) screen, answering mails that don’t need more than five minutes to be answered and answering to team member / company member questions via chat systems or face to face.

  • 8.50 arriving in the office
  • 9.00 having coffee ready and computer booted, checking mailbox, latest updates in task management tools, etc.
  • 9.30 take 10 minutes to write down ToDos for the day, including time frames
  • 9.40 talking to Team, what are their ToDos, what has to be done, what needs to be looked into, what need to be put on hold, what can’t be done any more for what reasons, in short: team status
  • 10.00 getting first point on the list done, preferably solving urgent matters that affect customers
  • 11.00 five minute break
  • 11.05 see which mails need to be answered where answer tooks more than 5minutes. Answering as many of them as possible.
  • 12.00 getting next ToDo done, preferably something that need to be done before something else can be done
  • 13.00 lunch break, 45 minutes
  • 13.45 check mailbox, see if ToDo List needs Update
  • 14.00 getting analysis and reportings done
  • 15.00 Team Time! Check with team if everything is running smoothly
  • 15.30 solve what is not running smoothly, e.g. assisting with complicated community members
  • 16.00 five minute break
  • 16.05 check status updates of tasks and projects, request updates if none were given but due
  • 16.15 silent time – monitoring and mails turned off for 45mins – getting important, but not urgent ToDos done
  • 17.00 I’ll need more coffee now 😉 turning mails and monitoring back on, creativity time, writing stuff is perfect now
  • 17.45 check mailbox / task tools once more for mails/tasks that needs longer answers
  • when ever done with last point: leave the office and go home with a smile, because a good day is over

You may wonder that points like “Meeting” or “Conference Calls” are missing. That is easy: I experienced these things as time wasting important looking “I’m a business boy” attitude. If you can proof me wrong, perfect! Until then I’ll prefer a short summary by mail.

So yes, that is it, that is what I’d love to do every day at work, at least at the moment. Some habits may never die (like that I need a few breaks from looking at the monitor), others may and of course, duties can change.


What's your opinon on this?

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