On Being Gay In Online Games

In my LoL Team we’ve a gay player. It’s not important to any of us that he is gay but it is funny!

And here is why: LoL Players tend to burst out things like “You’re so fucking gay” or “fag” or “homo!” if they face a strong enemy or even during preparation for battle.

When this happens with our enemies, said Team Member will always reply things like “Yes, I’m gay. Now what?” or “I’m not a fag just because I’m gay”. Plus when it comes to “Your mum” phrases he’ll pay it back with “Your daddy” phrases.

And one last thing “surprise butt sex!” is something other players like to write after succesful trapping. Favorite reply? “That’s what I told your dad yesterday!” of course.

I actually never got the whole idea about using words for ones sexuality for ranting but it seems to give a vibrant pleasure to some to call others “gay”.

Just imagine it the other way ‘round. “You’re so straight!” – WTF?

On our guild meeting last weekend I talked a lot to him and same as me, he experienced one thing very often “Hi my name is XXX and I’m homosexual.” None of us experienced ever “Hi my name is XXX and I’m heterosexual.”
Who the fuck cares which sexuality another person has? Why would you be interested in that (if not attracted to the person in a sexual way).

Will that change anything? Does it make you another person?

Maybe someone can explain to me how it comes that people think of a non-hetreo sexuality as something worth to mention when they meet new people or as a swearword?


What's your opinon on this?

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