How to: Writing e-mails

EmailGuideWriting e-mails seems the easiest thing in the world, but all of us have faced the issue of e-mails: that were not of interest for you, that did not clearly state what they’re about, that “bring you in the loop” of an 20 e-mail long ongoing conversation.

This is time consuming.

And time = money.

Remember: e-mails have goals

  • fast to read & easy to understand
  • transfer all tasks and information without misunderstandings
  • once archived easy to find again in case something needs to be looked up

There are a few easy things you should follow when you send / reply to / forward mails.

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Warum ich vermutlich Piraten wählen werde…

…warum das hier eigentlich nichts zu suchen hat und warum ich es dennoch hier schreibe.

German Post: Dear Readers, this post is about german politics and has thus been written in german. I promise I’ll make my next one english again.

Ich werde vermutlich #Piraten wählen. Das hat nichts damit zu tun, dass ich voll und ganz von ihnen überzeugt bin und auch nichts damit, dass ich hinter allem stehe was sie tun.

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