Study proofs: Pornography leave children ‘sexually brutalized’

Study ProofsOn 6th of February 2014 a news was published, that (as BBC titled) “Violent video games leave teens ‘morally immature'”, as shown by a study of Brock University.

Well, thanks for the newsflash Cpt. Obvious!

Content that is not made for children is not made for children. You don’t say?

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Why “Don’t feed the trolls” does not apply to Community Managers

Troll Feeding as CMAfter my posts “Don’t feed the trolls – Enchant them” and “Konflikte als Entertainment – Trolling“, I was asked why I am of the opinion that “Don’t feed the trolls” does not apply to Community Managers. Short answer:

Community Managers are sometimes described as Piñatas, as Jack/Jills of all Trades – or as zookeepers.

And while I would not say trolls or any other community members are animals; in a zoo no one feeds the lions – except for the zookeeper.

Trolls are Community Members, wether you like them or not. And as such Community Managers have to deal with them.