Study proofs: Pornography leave children ‘sexually brutalized’

Study ProofsOn 6th of February 2014 a news was published, that (as BBC titled) “Violent video games leave teens ‘morally immature'”, as shown by a study of Brock University.

Well, thanks for the newsflash Cpt. Obvious!

Content that is not made for children is not made for children. You don’t say?

The games the teens (13- 14 year olds)  for this research played included openly shown and non-commented violence against humans.

Games of this kind are generally rated with 16+, depending on the country you live in. And they are rated this way for a reason. Because the moral understanding, the “sense of “right and wrong”” are developing only during youth.

What the news forgets to mention is that the failure here is the parenting. Which Mum allows their 13 year old child to play three hours of brutal video games per day? And which Dad?

What type of parents fail to educate their children about good and bad and about the right way to consume media?

It’s again games being blamed for something they don’t do. This kind of games is neither made for nor targeted to children/teens.

Parents who let their children consume such games are most likely ‘morally immature’  themselves, as they obviously don’t know it’s not a good thing to let children play with things not made for their age.

Which leads me to my title: This study is as useful as claiming that 8 year olds should not watch pornography two hours per day, because it is not good for their sexual development.

On a side note: Look carefully at the picture used in the BBC news. It’s showing someone who is playing a strategy game, you can see that from the perspective.

I would happily support any study that does research on the mindset of scientists and parents who blame games, that are not appropriate for children/teens for damaging children’s/teen’s development.

Yes, these things are easy to access in our society.
Yes, you’ll need to control your child.
Yes, it’s a hard job.

No, you’ll not be able to protect your child from every evil.
No, you can’t bring a teen not to test the limits of your power.

However if your child turns out to become a serial killer, rapist or bank titan it’s at least 90% your fault. And 0% games.


What's your opinon on this?

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