The “girl” behind

– born 1986, April

– raised & lives in Germany

– studied German Literature & Philosophy

– currently studies something in the wide and joyous fields of economics

– currently on parental leave

– work before = Community Manager in the Gaming Industry

Meow? Meow!

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Fav Food: Rice Pudding

Fav Cocktail: Zombie

Fav Games: DA2, LoL

Fav Music: (Power & Folk) Metal, and AFP

Fav Colour: Pink, of course – nah more wine red

Fav Quotes:

“ …they’ll talk about the odd, but they won’t talk about the impossible, which is where I feel sorry for them, for as soon as something becomes impossible it slipsides out of belief entirely, whether it’s true or not.”
– Mister Ibis in: Gaiman, Neil – American Gods, New York 2001
“Sie war achtzehn und die schönste Frau seit hundert Jahren. Es schien sie nicht zu kümmern.
>>Geht es dir gut?<< fragte ihre Mutter.
Butterblume schlürfte ihren Kakao. >>Prima.<<, sagte sie.
>>Bestimmt?<< wunderte sich ihr Vater.
>>Ja<<, antwortete Butterblume. Es gab eine lange Pause. >>Aber ich darf nie wieder lieben.<<
Sie liebte nie wieder.”
(W. Goldman, Die Brautprinzessin)

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