Anti-Date-Rape-Drug-Nail-Polish: #Feminismuskritik mit @LeFloid

This article is directed to german YouTube-Star “LeFloid” and thus written in german. My apologies, as soon as I’m back writing, I’ll be publishing something in english again.

Lieber LeFloid,

du hast eine große Fangemeinde die wohl überwiegend eher jünger ist als ich. Sicher ist dir auch bewusst, dass du einen gewissen Einfluss auf einen nicht unwesentlichen Teil deines Publikums hast. Bisher hatte ich stets den Eindruck, dass du dich über deine Themen gut informierst und kurz und knapp das Resultat, stark meinungsgefärbt natürlich, präsentierst.

Keine Jubelschreie für drogenenttarnenden Nagellack

Beim Thema Anti-Date-Rape-Drug-Nail-Polish hast du mich in dieser Hinsicht mehrfach enttäuscht.

Ich versuche dir so gut wie möglich zu erklären warum. Ich möchte vorweg schicken, dass ich mich zu diesem Thema nicht großartig belesen habe, ich habe von dem Zeug bei dir nicht zum ersten Mal gehört, aber das war es eben auch – ich habe schon mal davon gehört. Ausgleichender Weise beschäftige ich mich sonst gelegentlich „mit so Gender-Themen“. Also gebe ich dir einfach meine spontanen Gedanken wieder, warum dieses Zeug nicht ganz so geil ist wie man auf den ersten Blick denken könnte und warum ich es nicht jubelschreiend begrüße (Mir ist also die Ironie bewusst, dass ich dir Uninformiertheit vorwerfe sie aber selbst an den Tag lege).

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10 Reasons why it suck’s to be female in the Gaming Industry

10 ReasonsThe Gaming Industry, just like other Tech Industries, is dominated by males. There are more men in total and more men in managing positions. There are even more male customers for games. So yeah it is a pretty male-dominant world I work in.

Working in the gaming industry for four years (more if you count in my voluntary work before) and being a member of the “gaming community” for some more years, I’ve seen things changing in the gaming industry, and could compare to changes outside the industry as well.

And yes, there were changes. In the games themselves unfortunately the change was to have more and more overly sexualized female characters. And in the industry behind? More women started to work in this industry, same as in other tech industries. However the approach to female co-workers didn’t change.

A little side note before I actually start: this may not apply to all gaming companies and I’d be more than happy to hear other female colleagues shouting out positive examples of a gender neutral work atmosphere in a gaming company.

Here is my personal Top 10 List of “Why it sucks to be female in the gaming industry.”

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Being bisexual in a homo/hetero world: A story of prejudices

Okay with both

The discourse about homosexuality in a hetero-normative world has gone on for ages. Homosexuality has reached a certain point of acceptance and most people feel more uncomfortable with the way how some people of the gay/lesbian community point out their preferences than with the preferences themselves.

I myself have no interest in another persons sexual orientation and preferences and practices, as long as anyone involved agrees on whatever (this excludes animals, children and other individuals that are not able to make decisions about their sexual behavior). Why someone who is over his teen years needs to shout out his interests like that is a mystery to me. I don’t mind someone mentioning the gender of his partner, I’m talking about that kind of people who introduce themselves with words like “Hi I’m gay”.

Hi Gay, I’m Not-Giving-A-Fuck” is from my point of view a totally appropriate answer to that.

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Girl’s Dreams and Boy’s Worlds. On early gender stereotypes.

On early gender stereotypesAs a soon-to-be-mom I spend plenty of my time on shopping for all the things a little baby needs.

While my initial thought was that what a baby first and foremost needs is an environment that will create a feeling of security, all the websites and stores teach me wrong.

What my baby will need is apparently pink princess dresses if it’s a girl or blue onesies with cars on it, if it’s a boy.

As of now, I don’t know which sex my baby will be born with, and I don’t want to know either. What I know is that it likes to wake up around 5am starting the day with a nice workout in my belly. I know it moves a lot more in rhythm when I play Cello Music to it (such as Apocalyptica) and it seems to dislike Punk, cause it’s movements hurt when I listen to that (well maybe it’s just that it pogos). I know that I’ll love it no matter what, same as it’s dad.

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#1reasonwhy genetics and gaming

Okay so today I had a discussion with an acquaintance of mine. He wondered what that “Games are pink” could possibly mean, I tried to explain to him that it is a metaphor, he didn’t got it so far but we’re working on that.

Random sidenote, I asked my boyfriend to explain me that metaphor, I never talked to him about it and he was the first male to grab. He figured it out without any problems: “I guess it means, that games are thoroughly attractive for women as well.” Thanks, I love the right man (it’s not that this metaphor is really hard to understand, but still).

During that discussion it turned out that he is of the opinion that women are genetically predisposed to never be good gamers.

I was like “WTF?”, but he meant it. For real. I still can’t really believe that.

Let me try to get his opinion right without prejudices. I’ll (roughly) translate what he wrote…

I don’t think that beating men in online games is a motivation for women to play, because in consequence of evolution you don’t even have the required spatial sense. Due to genetics women miss the 3D imagination one needs to play most of the competetive online games.

And women know that.

They are taught about that in school already.

Okay when reading that I’m like “FFS in which century do you live, boy?” So…

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