10 Reasons why it suck’s to be female in the Gaming Industry

10 ReasonsThe Gaming Industry, just like other Tech Industries, is dominated by males. There are more men in total and more men in managing positions. There are even more male customers for games. So yeah it is a pretty male-dominant world I work in.

Working in the gaming industry for four years (more if you count in my voluntary work before) and being a member of the “gaming community” for some more years, I’ve seen things changing in the gaming industry, and could compare to changes outside the industry as well.

And yes, there were changes. In the games themselves unfortunately the change was to have more and more overly sexualized female characters. And in the industry behind? More women started to work in this industry, same as in other tech industries. However the approach to female co-workers didn’t change.

A little side note before I actually start: this may not apply to all gaming companies and I’d be more than happy to hear other female colleagues shouting out positive examples of a gender neutral work atmosphere in a gaming company.

Here is my personal Top 10 List of “Why it sucks to be female in the gaming industry.”

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How to: Writing e-mails

EmailGuideWriting e-mails seems the easiest thing in the world, but all of us have faced the issue of e-mails: that were not of interest for you, that did not clearly state what they’re about, that “bring you in the loop” of an 20 e-mail long ongoing conversation.

This is time consuming.

And time = money.

Remember: e-mails have goals

  • fast to read & easy to understand
  • transfer all tasks and information without misunderstandings
  • once archived easy to find again in case something needs to be looked up

There are a few easy things you should follow when you send / reply to / forward mails.

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My Perfect Day at Work

As I’m currently looking for a new job (Want to know if I’m fitting for any postions you have open? Check my about.me page!), I’m thinking a lot about what my perfect normal work day would look like.

Actually that is what I want to know if I see an open position “What would my day look like?”. A crazy amount of companies is looking for the “all in one” employee with 10 years of experience, at least two years in other countries, a Master or Bachelor degree in economics and/or computer science, preferable under the age of 30, native language + english fluent, french, spanish and chinese would be an advantage,… the list goes on. This person will not be found.

I’d rather read what you imagine my work should look like in your company!

So here is how I imagine “my perfect normal day at work”.

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Was Stellenangebote beschreiben – und was Jobsucher verstehen

@karrierebibel hat diesen hübschen Spiegelartikel lobend bezwitschert:  Was Bewerber schreiben – und was Personaler verstehen.

Jochen Mai, der für karrierebibel twittert (übrigens in der Regel sehr lesenswert) schrieb auf meine Nachfrage was an dem Artikel so begeistert habe:

Humorvoll. Pointiert. Originell. Übersichtlich. Inspirierend. Fokussiert. Hilfreich. Appelliert an die Intelligenz des Lesers

Ich find die 140 Twitter Zeichen für eine sinnvolle Auseinandersetzung damit ‘n bisserle kurz, aber ich bin halt auch sprach-affin.

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