Child/Teen Security in Online Communities

Child n Teen Security 03Recently I came into a situation which I want to share with you. I would love to hear your opinions about it.

I play an online game (one of these brain-dead click browser games which are perfect to „play“ during busy mom days) and met a girl in there. She was fourteen years old and pretty ingenuous when it came to information about her person.

As soon as she had joined our team she asked if we’d like her to introduce herself. Our team leader said something like „Well, if you are bored, feel free.“ so she told us her real-life first name, her exact birth date and that we could always ask if we would like to know more about her. When I looked into her profile to see her stats, I noticed she had linked to several social media profiles belonging to her. As I’m naturally curious about these, I quickly checked them. Continue reading


Elitäre Diskussionen: nutzlose Scheiße oder nutzbringender Dünger?

Elitäre DiskussionenIch las in letzter Zeit viel von Anatol Stefanowitsch, einer zweifelsohne sehr klugen Person mit der ich in vielen Dingen übereinstimme (Anatol Stefanowitsch: tumblr, Twitter und höchst hörenswerter re:publica 2014 Vortrag für jene, die ihn nicht kennen).

Ein Gedanke der mir dabei immer und immer wieder durch den Kopf geht ist der folgende: Diskussionen über Feminismus, gendergerechte Sprache, politisch sinnvolle Veränderungen und andere tolle Ideen aus klugen Köpfen sind vor allem eines – elitär. Sie finden dort statt wo Menschen mit einem tendentiell hohen Bildungsniveau (sei dies über unser verkrüppeltes Bildungssystem, autodidaktisch oder sonstwie erworben) unterschiedlicher Meinungen aufeinander treffen.

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Girl’s Dreams and Boy’s Worlds. On early gender stereotypes.

On early gender stereotypesAs a soon-to-be-mom I spend plenty of my time on shopping for all the things a little baby needs.

While my initial thought was that what a baby first and foremost needs is an environment that will create a feeling of security, all the websites and stores teach me wrong.

What my baby will need is apparently pink princess dresses if it’s a girl or blue onesies with cars on it, if it’s a boy.

As of now, I don’t know which sex my baby will be born with, and I don’t want to know either. What I know is that it likes to wake up around 5am starting the day with a nice workout in my belly. I know it moves a lot more in rhythm when I play Cello Music to it (such as Apocalyptica) and it seems to dislike Punk, cause it’s movements hurt when I listen to that (well maybe it’s just that it pogos). I know that I’ll love it no matter what, same as it’s dad.

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Study proofs: Pornography leave children ‘sexually brutalized’

Study ProofsOn 6th of February 2014 a news was published, that (as BBC titled) “Violent video games leave teens ‘morally immature'”, as shown by a study of Brock University.

Well, thanks for the newsflash Cpt. Obvious!

Content that is not made for children is not made for children. You don’t say?

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